March 2015
Presentation of our initial data and interviews at University of Southampton’s Intl Women’s week

November 2015
Talk “Calling the romantic shots – Women filmmakers and contemporary indie chick flicks” University of Winchester

October 2015
Chaired a discussion with Lizzie Francke of the BFI, the director Carine Adler and the producer Kate Ogborn as part of  the ICA’s Onwards and Outwards series on British women filmmakers

November 2015
Calling the Shots presents at Aesthetica Film Festival in University of York

December 2015
Shelley Cobb spoke at Symposium: Women’s Filmmaking in Contemporary Britain.  This symposium, organized in conjunction with the Onwards and Outwards season, reflected on the achievements of women directors in British cinema and revisits the perennial question of women’s under-representation in British film culture. Noted female producers, directors and academics addressed these and other questions, in relation to the key concepts of authorship and nation in relation to women’s filmmaking as well as the contemporary context of production, distribution and exhibition.

May 2016
Launch of Data Reports, BFI Southbank
first presented our data on gender behind the scenes on British films made in 2015 and then had 5 special guests respond before an open Q&A. Our panel guests were Lizzie Francke of the BFI Film Fund, producer Sarah Curtis (Mrs. BrownRun Fat Boy Run), director Hope Dickson Leach (BFI-funded The Levelling), critic and Bechdel Test Fest founder Corinna Antrobus, Kate Kinninmont, CEO of WFTV-UK and director Gurinder Chadha (Bend It Like Beckham).

Febrary 2017
Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model’  The Stripe Auditorium, University of Winchester

May 2017
Harbour Lights, Picturehouse Southampton Q&A with Dr Shelley Cobb.

November 2017
Took part in Women in Film making panel discussion at the Eastbourne Crossing the Screen Film Festival. Guests included The White King’s director Alex Helfrecht; Award-winning producers Pippa Cross, Ri Chakraborty andRichard Melman ; Sussex Playwrights’ Chairman Philippa Hammond; professional actor and former Director of Drama at Eastbourne College Tim Marriot.

May 2018
Presented new data at Cannes Film Festival networking events hosted by WFTV-UK. At their luncheon event for independent women film producers based in the UK, on one of Cannes’ famed yachts, we presented our evidence that women work in significantly higher proportions on co-production British films than on domestic ones and our research showing women producers reached over 40% on films with a of less than £.5million, significantly higher than the 27% of women producers on all British films. The second event at Cannes hosted by WFT-UK was the evening social in the British industry tent on the beach, at which we presented our data comparing the UK industry with Hollywood. We presented our research showing that the UK industry does not include women any better than Hollywood does, with data on the percentage of women in British film making either lower or higher by only a few points than in the bigger budget films made across the Atlantic. (data reported in press coverage attached)