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Shelley and Linda interviewing Xialou Guo

During the Calling the Shots research project, we conducted 50 interviews with women who work in key production roles in the UK film industry, which remains dominated by men.

The interviews provided valuable research material and documented first-hand the thoughts, career stories and experiences of all interviewees working in filmmaking. We recorded each interview as a video approximately an hour long per interview, and the recordings are housed with the BECTU History Project.

The interviews began at our launch of the project at the Shetland Film Festival in 2014.

Interviewees included:

Amma Asante, writer-director

Clio Barnard, writer-director

Victoria Boydell, Editor

Moira Buffini, Writer

Cairo Cannon, producer

Gurinder Chadha, writer-director-producer

Anne V Coates, Editor

Lucinda Coxon, Writer

Sarah Curtis, producer

Jeanie Finlay, director/producer

Mandie Fletcher, Director

Sally Potter, Director

Lizzie Francke, BFI Film Fund executive

Joanna Hogg, writer-director

Elizabeth Karlsen, producer

Laura Hastings-Smith, producer

Martya Knitter, Cinematographer

Nina Kellgren, Cinematographer

Polly Morgan, cinematographer

Christine Langhan, head of BBC Films

Xialou Guo, writer-director

Hope Dickson Leach, writer-director

Amy Mathieson, writer-director-producer

Norina McKay, writer/producer

Carol Morley, writer-director

Kate Ogborn, producer

Juliette Towhidi, screenwriter

Tess Morgan, screenwriter

Kelly Marcel, screenwriter

Kim Longinotto, director

Saska Simpson, Editor

Lucia Zuchetti, Editor