British Director Mandie Fletcher began her career at the BBC as an assistant floor manager, and later as a production manager on comedy programmes before becoming a director on the sitcom comedy series Butterflies (1983). From this, Fletcher directed the second and third series of Blackadder, the British psuedo-historical sitcom starring Rowan Atkinson – for which she won the Best Comedy series award at the 1988 BAFTAs. Alongside this, Fletcher directed episodes of the British sitcom, Only Fools and Horses (1986) and football-filled TV film Born Kicking (1992). She also worked alongside writer Glenn Chandler in her debut feature film, Deadly Advice (1994), a comedy-drama in which the daughters of a domineering mother aspire to break free of her control and form romantic relationships. Fletcher continued to work with television following this: creating Hamish Macbeth (1996-7), Jam and Jerusalem (2006-9), directing episodes of critically-acclaimed series Roger & Val Have Just Got In (2012) starring Dawn French and Alfred Molina, and directing the pilot episode of In and Out of the Kitchen (2015). Fletcher also directed episodes of the beloved and acclaimed Absolutely Fabulous, including the feature film: The Absolutely Fabulous Movie (2016). Her latest film, Patrick (2018), which she wrote and directed, follows a woman’s chaotic life which becomes more complicated when she inherits her grandmother’s dog.