Nina Kellgren BSC, recently named the most prolific female cinematographer by the British Film Institute, is a great creative role model. Kellgren’s thirty year career has earned her multiple BAFTAS and The Panavision Craft Award for Cinematography.

Her work is extensive and wide ranging, to name a few, Kellgren has worked on: Derek, Deep Water, Wondrous Oblivion, Solomon and Gaenor, The Making of Maps, Arthur’s Departure, Young Soul Rebels and Looking for Langston, but this only catches the surface.

Kellgren has an MA in Fine Art from the Slade UC, starting in the film industry through shooting documentaries all over the word. As a Director of Photography, she has worked on Drama, Features, Commercials as well as collaborated with artists on Installations. Kellgren has also been a member of the Board of Governors of the BSC and part of the commissioning panel for films in Southern Africa. Growing up in the UK in the middle of the last century is now focusing on advocating for diversity and inclusion within the film industry, alongside connecting cinematographers internationally through IMAGO, the international federation of cinematographic societies.